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What is Bucket of Hope?

When we are little we have big dreams and long bucket lists, but as we grow older our dreams and bucket lists sometimes change and most of the time the dreams and bucket lists disappear. But, when we face the reality of illness and the possibility of dying our bucket lists and dreams get new value and power.

I had a friend, Elizma Lambrechts who was first diagnosed with primary lung cancer in 2015 which spread to her brain in 2016.
When, she was diagnosed in 2015 her first words to me were: “I still have a lot to accomplish; I’m not ready to go yet!” I asked her to write down her bucket list and together we will work through it. We have accomplished almost all of her dreams on her bucket list. We still did one last bucket list just about month before she passed away on the 13th of March 2018.

I realise that as Elizma had a bucket list so has many other cancer patients and many of these patients bucket lists ‘die’ due to lack of financial support. Medical bills most of the time take all the finances of cancer patients. My head starting working overtime… How can I help cancer patients to dream again using my own dreams? And through accomplishing their dreams, I can give them hope!!!

And this is how it started… I approached a friend of mine, Dewald Naude, and asked him if he would take my hand and help me to raise funds for adult cancer patients. He agreed and the idea was to participate in various outdoor sports events over a year, starting in May 2017 and complete 1500km’s in events; the last event being Expedition Africa in May 2018. Expedition Africa is an adventure race. Adventure racing (also called expedition racing) is typically a multi-disciplinary team sport involving navigation over an unmarked wilderness course with races extending anywhere from two hours up to two weeks in length. Expedition Africa 2018 took place in the Namaqualand and we had 6 days to complete 550km’s doing mountain biking, kayaking, abseiling, running and trekking.

On Sunday, the 20th of May 2018, we had the opportunity to stand at the starting line of Expedition Africa. On Friday night the 25th of May, we completed Expedition Africa. 134hours of racing… A dream of mine came true. And in total we did the 1500km’s over the past year. People paid us at least R1 per km and we are now able to help adult cancer patients to embrace their dreams. However, at the end of the Expedition, we looked at each other and realised that this was only the beginning…

We looked at the project again and realised that we cannot continue to participate in so many events every year, however we have friends and other sport enthusiasts that also would like to form part of this project. So, we expanded the project…

Any person can now contact us and become part of BUCKET OF HOPE. You can do any event and raise funds for adult cancer patients. We have identified a few events that we will be participating in, and any person is welcome to join us for those events as well. Participants can then get friends to sponsor them R1 per km or get friends to make once off donations to the trust. We also have cycling as well as running clothes that you can buy from us to participate in.


You register as a bucket of hope supporter. What is a bucket of hope supporter? As a supporter you pay R1 for each km that Martine and Dewald complete in the next year. You will receive information on when they will be participating, what they will be doing and how long the event will be. Once they complete the event, you get a sms along with a photo of them at the finish and then you make your donation. For example, if they do a mountain bike event and ride 50 km’s you make a donation of R50.00. These events build up to the main event which will be the Expedition Africa in may 2018 where the two of them in a team of 4 will complete a race course of about 500km over 5 days participating in kayaking, mountain biking, trail running and abseiling all together.

How do you become a supporter?

You click on donate and register. Once you have registered you will receive a sms that welcomes you as a bucket of hope supporter. From there you will be kept updated and informed at all times.

Cancer patients:  Click on registration. This link is for cancer patients, family or friends of the cancer patient. They complete a form stating what the bucket list is of the patient. This completed form will be evaluated by the Trust and the Trust helps these patients to achieve their dreams.

Martine Mouton

Martine Mouton

I grew up in Citrusdal, a small town in the Western Cape. I’m passionate about living, sport and the outdoors; I’ve been involved with sport my whole life and believe that sport is the one thing that bring people together.

I have two motto’s in life: 

  • Never, never, never, never give up!! – Winston Churchill
  • If you have a lemon make lemonade – Dale Carnegie

In 2015 life throw many lemons at me….. one being that a good friend of mine, Elizma Lambrechts, was diagnosed with lung cancer. We decided to make lemonade and to never, never, never, never give up and our trust is in God! Elizma sadly passed away on the 13 March 2018, but through her BUCKET OF HOPE was created – a Trust fund that helps other cancer patients to be able to embrace their dreams.

Dewald Naude

Dewald Naude

It is always difficult to write something about yourself; sometimes the way you see yourself is not the way other people see you. Never the less…

My name is Dewald Naude, I live in Citrusdal Western Cape. I grew up in the Karoo and completed school at Paarl Boy’s High. After school I studied for 3 years at Cape Town Technicon. I’m married to Inge and have three boys. Yes, my wife has her hands full with all of us in the house. I work in the Citrus industry and in my off time I enjoy the outdoors and adventure. I completed Comrades twice along with many other races along the way. I’m thankful for the opportunity that came my way when Martine asked me to join her on this journey. A journey that I believe will change my life as well as the lives of many people. People that are in need of some love, laughter and just basic fun. Please support us; your support can help us to achieve even more and to grow Bucket of Hope to one of the greatest support Trust Funds.