I heard about Stanton Kamalie about two months ago through the Bucket of Hope website. He registered on the website and asked us to assist him to accomplish some of his dreams. He was diagnosed with pancreas cancer on the 25th of October 2017 and the cancer spread to his lever. He is married and has 3 children. I got in touch with Stanton and what an amazing man. A man that is dedicated to make a difference in other people’s lives, and he has a passion for living and for his family.

Bucket of Hope was going to take him and his family for shark cage diving and a weekend away AT Gansbaai, but then I received a phone call from his wife… Secretly, she arranged a surprise party for him along with a weekend away for the two of them in Pretoria. Along with the weekend away it will be an opportunity for them to meet another person that had the same cancer as Stanton. This person received a different type of treatment and is now cancer free! Stanton needs hope and we believe that he will get hope by visiting this family.

Yesterday, 13 June 2018, Stanton celebrated his 40th birthday. I had the privilege to meet him and spend time with him on his birthday. By the time I was there with him, he did not know of the party and/ or the flight to Pretoria. It was great meeting him and just spending time with him. He is an amazing man and I believe that he
will conquer cancer… Where there is HOPE, there is LIFE!

This morning, 14 June 2018, I received a message from him and his wife. They are so excited. They are at the airport and leaving for Pretoria at 09h00. They sound SO happy and what more can we are Bucket of Hope ask for. Thank you for the all the sponsors; you help us to be able to help these cancer patients. We all can make a difference… Bucket of Hope will continue to make a difference every day.