Early morning, and we are all dressed up and ready for the day. We are so excited to go out today to help our first cancer patient to be able to achieve her dream. It feels like the first time I went to school. I’m so excited but also a bit scared – will she enjoy it, will it all work out as we have been envisioning it for months?

We drive from Citrusdal to Paarl to pick up Miss Runel Demas and her friend, Rosy!! Miss Demas has Breast Cancer and is receiving treatment at the Oncology Centre in Paarl. We arrive at her house at about 11h00 on Friday morning. At about 10h30 I get a message from Miss Demas asking if we are on our way to come and fetch her… She was just checking to make sure that we will not forget about her… She must also be excited – as we are!! On our way to her house we drive past a guy on a bicycle, but by the look on his face it is clear that he knows we are on our way to pick up Miss Demas. His enjoyment and excitement about this is contagious and we just cannot help but also smile and enjoy the moment. The guy on his bicycle shows us to the house and outside the lovely house Miss Demas welcomes us. She is smiling and from the moment I meet her, I know that today is going to be a special day.

Chatting along we drive to Cape Town, to Table Mountain, to the cable car – her dream!! We arrive at Table Mountain just after 12h00 and what a disappointment… The wind is blowing and the cable car is closed for the day due to the bad wind. We regroup and decide that we will return to Table Mountain to embrace her dream on her birthday on the 7th of January 2018. We will make sure that we will help her to stand on top of Table Mountain!!! We, as Bucket of Hope, will not stop until she has achieved her dream. BUT, we have a lot to talk about and a lot to learn about one another. We cannot let the day stop here. We ask her where she will like to go. We go to the Canal Walk Shopping Centre and have lunch together. Lunch is great – not about the food, but getting to know the heart of a special, amazing woman. After lunch and a great day out we drive the last 10 minutes back to her home in silence. All of us reflect back on the day… a day filled with laughter, happiness and forming new friendships. Even though we have not achieved her dream, this day we will all remember as if we have all accomplished a dream today. This day has been unique and we cannot wait to spend another day with Runel, but also to help another cancer patient to embrace a dream!

Runel’s last words… Thank you, I do not want this day to end, I do not want to go home.
Thank you Runel, we felt the same… I will remember 27 October 2017 for a very very long time.