Sometimes words come easy and then, at times, one just does not know what to say – how to verbalize one’s thoughts and emotions – the words are just not there.

Well, I have been struggling to put into words what I’m feeling after the past weekend. The weekend was amazing and sad, all together, and to feel sad and happy together is a weird feeling. And you will ask me how can I feel sad and happy at the same time? Well….

Saturday morning, 2 September – the first Bucket of Hope event in which Dewald and I are participating! The excitement is there and the reality is kicking in. We are really starting our journey! And through our journey we will help other people to embrace their dreams. As I get to the starting line for the MTB race in Citrusdal, I receive the news that a close friend and Trustee of Bucket of Hope, Danielle van Zyl, has died in a car accident……. He was so passionate about helping other people and about Bucket of Hope. He was the first person that supported us and said that he believed in BUCKET OF HOPE.

Shocked and confused Dewald and I move to the starting line – overwhelmed with emotions. We decided to use the memories of him and do our best and do it for him and the many people out there who have a dream!! We completed the 45 km MTB race filled with emotions.

Sunday morning, 3 September, at 06h00 we are off to Cape Town. Today we are tackling our second event, the Table Mountain Race. Running a 23km trail run in the mountains. Again, we are overwhelmed with emotions. We completed the Table Mountain Race in just less than 4 hours. It was a hot day, and may I say -NOT AN EASY RACE!! But, we did it!!

In total we completed 68km’s of running and cycling over the past weekend and we ticked off our first 2 events. We completed our first 2 events, and our first 2 events without a dear friend. Danielle, these two events were for you. You were with us all the way and you will always be in our hearts!! Your last words to us were that, “Bucket of Hope is going to be one of the biggest Trust fund organizations for Cancer.” Danielle, we will strive towards that; we will continue to help as many as possible Cancer patients to EMBRACE THEIR DREAMS!! Thank you for your support, your love for people and your friendship! Take care my friend!!