I feel uncomfortable in my own body. My body is swollen from the cortisone pills that I drink and I do not feel well at all. I feel embarrass and do not want to go to places; I do not want people to see me like this. I feel safe at home where no-one see how I look… I know that I need to get out, otherwise I will fall back into the deep hole where I was a few months ago, but it is not easy. My matric class arranged a paragliding trip for me and Martine. This trip has been postponed three times already, due to bad weather. Sometimes, one wonder why things happen, but God timing is always perfect. We decide to try to paraglide for a 4th time. I need to get out a bit and to explore something new! I use to enjoy things that get the adrenalin going but nowadays I struggle to do things.

It is a lovely day in Cape Town. The weather is perfect. We could not have asked for a better day. We drive to where we need to be for the paragliding and being from Citrusdal and scared we will be late or get lost in Cape Town; we arrive two hours too early. We are not used to robots and lots of cars around us!! As we arrived we realized that this going to be good! We ordered coffee and something to eat and watch as other brave people paraglide. We are very excited, but as we look at these people I see that you have to kind of run to get momentum to go into the air to be able to ‘fly’ as they call it. I get a bit nervous, because I cannot run….

The chemo and all the pills have affected my legs and made my legs very weak. We meet the instructors and they are very sweet and told me that I didn’t have to worry they will help me. They will have two men next to me who will assist me.

And so we did the fly thing… Wow, it was amazing! I felt so close to God and to ‘fly’ over Cape Town with the wind in my hair (hair that I do not have due to all the chemo), was incredible. We made a few more twirls in the sky and then landed close to the beach. I landed perfectly on my feet, but with the wind from behind I fell, but again the instructors where there in seconds to assist me. We all ended up laughing… ending off an amazing experience. I could not have asked for a better day; a God given day at the right time! Thank you God!!!

Elizma Lambrechts