It is cold, dark and wet. The alarm goes off and my heart says to me ‘most people are still sleeping; it is cold, go back to bed’. However, my mind says to me ‘get up and start moving’.

My heart and mind continues to fight with each other every morning, but at this stage my mind wins the game all the time. Yes, my heart is the one that started the dream of the journey. I train five to six days per week in preparation for the journey that we are going on. A journey that will not only change my life; but also the life’s of so many other people.

Saturday morning I get out of bed; mind and heart fighting again. Yes, Saturday’s are even worst, because then even more people are sleeping late and not getting out in the cold.

I get dressed. Layer, on layer, on layer along with two pair of pants; two pair of socks; gloves, buff on the head, and around the neck. All layers on…… 30 minutes later. Bike; water; lights – front and back and off we go!!!

Cold, wet and freezing……. The start to most training sessions in winter is not easy and not pleasant. But with every stride, the smile on my face just gets bigger and bigger because I know that with every stride I’m getting stronger and closer to achieving the ultimate goal.

The cherry on top….. Just before I end my training for the morning, God blessed me with a beautiful rainbow…… just to make the sacrifice even more rewarding.

Tomorrow I will go out and train again………